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MORE FROM ISA? Shadow Yoga, Shamanism, & Psychology [4 Modules / 8 Hours]

This course explores the nature of trauma and the way it drives our everyday experience – often in unrecognized ways. We will look at the different ways in which we ‘store’ traumatic experience and explore different methods for approaching the resolution of traumatic experience. The class focuses on the personal transformation model of Depth Hypnosis. We will explore how Depth Hypnosis addresses the symptoms of trauma by drawing on Buddhist understandings about the nature of suffering, earth-based wisdom techniques for catalyzing change, energy medicine methods of addressing trauma on the subtlest levels of experience, hypnosis as a vehicle for the exploration of the deeper self where traumatic experience is often registered, and transpersonal psychology as a framework for integrating these methods into the clinical setting.

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ADD THIS? Chakras Illuminated: The Original Tantrik Function of the Chakras

What really are the chakras? Somatic focal points, energy centers, Cosmological Maps, or all three? In the worlds of yoga, esoteric spirituality, and New Age religion, interest in the concept of the chakras is massive and growing all the time. What is often lacking is a thorough investigation into the original nature and function of the chakras in their tradition of origin, Tantrik Yoga, by a scholar-practitioner fluent in the Sanskrit language. This course gives you access to both information about primary sources and a scholar-practitioner qualified to unpack their meaning and context. You'll (1) Discover the relationship between the chakras and kundalinī, (2) Learn original practices associated with the chakras, (3) Engage with primary texts as a source of chakra knowledge.
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Transcending Trauma

ADD THIS? Transcending Trauma: Transform Your Trauma Through Art [4 Modules / 8 Hours]

Trauma can easily evoke intense feelings that are difficult to speak about. The arts are extremely useful for approaching hard topics. They add possibilities for embodied healing, aesthetic value, and needed emotional distance. They soften taboo topics in ways that direct discussion cannot. In this course, you will (1) Practice embodied dreamwork, (2) Experience fractal and transpersonal insights, (3) Address & heal somatic symptoms, and (4) Learn techniques to support trauma sufferers.
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